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Nutrient List

NPK values for some common sources.

Note: unless specified I'm taking other people's word for the values, at least until the lab equipment arrives.

Nutrient SourceNitrogen (N)Phosphorus (P)Potassium (K)
Potassium Chloride (Muriate of Potash)0060
Potassium Sulfate (Sulfate of Potash)0050Mg:1.20 S:17.60
RAW - Potassium (potassium sulfate)0050
Potassium Nitrate (Nitrate of Potash)13044
Monopotassium Phosphate (MKP)05234
Potassium Phosphate05234
General Hydroponics - KoolBloom24528Mg:1.00 S:1.50
Potassium Magnesium Sulfate 0022Mg:11.20 S:22.70
Langbeinite0021Mg:10.00 S:21.00
Ammoniated Super-Phosphate35519Ca:17.20 S:12.00
General Hydroponics - MaxiBloom51514Micronutrients Ca:5 Mg:3.50 S:4.00 Fe: T
General Hydroponics - MaxiGro10514Ca:6 Mg:2.00 S:3.00 Fe: 0.120 Mn:
Potash (Nitrate of Soda)15014
General Hydroponics - FloraNova Grow7410Micronutrients Ca:4 Mg:1.50 S:2.00 Fe: T Mn: Bo: Cu: Zn:Cl: Mo:
General Hydroponics - Liquid KoolBloom01010
RAW - Kelp Marine009
General Hydroponics - FloraNova Bloom487Micronutrients Ca:4 Mg:2.00 S:2.00 Fe: T Mn: Bo: T Cu: Zn:T Cl: Mo:
General Hydroponics - FloraGrow216Mg:0.50
General Hydroponics - FloraDuo A506Micronutrients Ca:3 Mg:T Fe: Mn: Bo: Cu: Zn:Mo:
Botanicare - Kind Bloom066Mg:1.50 S:2.75 Fe: 0.120
Granite Meal005Micronutrients
Botanicare - Pure Blend Pro Bloom (soil)145Ca:1 Mg:0.50
Nutrifield - Elements Bloom B305
Meal, Kelp (powdered)104Micronutrients
Wood Ash014Micronutrients
General Hydroponics - FloraBloom054Micronutrients Mg:1.50 S:1.00
General Hydroponics - FloraDuo B154Micronutrients Mg:1.50 S:2.00 Fe: Mn: Bo: Cu: Zn:Mo:
General Organics - BioThrive Bloom244Micronutrients Mg:0.50 Fe: T
RAW - Humic Acid + Potash004
Botanicare - Pure Blend Pro Grow 324Ca:1 Mg:0.50
Botanicare - Kind Grow224Mg:1.50 S:2.00 Fe: 0.120
General Organics - BioThrive Grow433Micronutrients Mg:0.50 Fe: T
Nutrifield - Elements Grow A113
Nutrifield - Elements Bloom A123
Manure, Seabird (Peruvian)12122.5Micronutrients
Meal, Alfalfa (Pellets)212Micronutrients
Emulsion, Fish522Micronutrients
Enzymatically Digested Fish422
Meal, Fish1062
Meal, Neem (whole)612
Nutrifield - Coco A142Micronutrients
Nutrifield - Elements Grow B302
Compost, Vermi21.51.5Micronutrients Ca:3 Mg:0.50 S:T Fe: 0.500 Bo: T Cu: T Zn:T Mo: T
Meal, Cottonseed60.41.5Micronutrients
Botanicare - Rhizo Blast1.20.51.2
Manure, Cow111Micronutrients
Manure, Horse111Micronutrients
Manure, Sheep111Micronutrients
Manure, Bat (high N)1031Micronutrients
Manure, Bat (high P)3101Micronutrients
Manure, Seabird1101Micronutrients
General Hydroponics - FloraMicro501Micronutrients Ca:5 Fe: T Mn: Bo: Cu: Zn:Mo:
General Organics - Humic Acids, Diamond Black001
General Organics - BioRoot111Micronutrients
General Organics - BioBud0.50.11Micronutrients
General Organics - Bio Marine (squid) 231
Meal, Soybean721
Fish Powder120.31Micronutrients
General Organics - BioMarine231
General Organics - Diamond Black001
RAW - Carbohydrates001
RAW - Full Up001
Manure, Rabbit2.31.40.8Micronutrients
Coffee Grounds20.40.7Micronutrients
Manure, Chicken1.10.80.5Micronutrients
Manure, Duck0.61.40.5Micronutrients
Nutrifield - Coco B3.200.5
Manure, Steer0.70.30.4Micronutrients
General Organics - BioWeed0.200.3Micronutrients
Soft Rock Phosphate040.3Ca:16 Mg:0.50 S:0.30 Fe: 1.670 Cu: Zn:0.3000
Meal, Blood 1200Micronutrients
Meal, Bone3250Micronutrients Ca:25
Meal, Clover200Micronutrients Ca:T
Meal, Feather700
Rock Phosphate0250
General Organics - CaMg+ 000Ca:5 Mg:1.00
Meal, Corn Gluten900Micronutrients
Ammonium Nitrate33.500
Ammonium Sulfate2100S:23.70
Ammoniated Phosphate Nitrate27150
Ammonium Phosphate Sulfate15300S:15.40
Ammonium Polyphosphate15500
Diammonium Phosphate18500
Monoammonium Phosphate (MAP)12520
Phosphoric Acid0600
Superphosphate0200Ca:20.10 S:11.90
Calcium Nitrate1500Ca:19.40 Mg:1.50
Sodium Nitrate1600
Superphosphate, concentrated0500Ca:13.60 S:1.40
Calcium Sulfate (Gypsum)000Ca:20 S:15.00
Iron Sulfate000S:10.00 Fe: 20.000
Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt)000Micronutrients Mg:10.00 S:13.00
Iron Chelate (sequestered iron)000Fe: 10.000
Boric Acid000Micronutrients Bo: 17.000
Manganese Chloride000Micronutrients Cl: 56.0000
Zinc Sulfate000S:32.00 Zn:65.0000
Copper Sulfate000S:20.00 Cu: 40.0000
Molybdic Acid000
RAW - Phosphorus (monoammonium phosphate)9610
RAW - Calcium Mag900Ca:15 Mg:3.00
RAW - Nitrogen (ammonium sulfate)2000
Botanicare - Kind Base400Ca:5
Botanicare - Rhizo Gel000

For the purposes of this list, "micronutrients" means they provide at least some of them, and "T" represents an itty bitty amount. Over time the dataset will improve, but keep in mind that in some instances; especially with natural materials, the listed values given are rough estimates and will vary with samples from different sources.

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